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Tiny-Bus® PCI Express Multiple Channel Video Capture Solution

supports Four Channel, Real Time, D1 Resolution at True Color

Liantec Mini-ITX Express EmBoard with Tiny-Bus PCIe Video Capture Module


Liantec Systems Corporation announces the industrial embedded Tiny-Bus® 4-channel video capture DVR module, the TBM-1420, with PCI Express bus interface and four onboard PCI-based Conexant BT878A video capture controllers. With the better data transfer bandwidth of PCI Express and embedded Tiny-Bus® modular expansion solution, the TBM-1420 will be the suitable video and image input solution based for the x86-based computing applications who need multiple channel of real time, D1 resolution and 16M true color of video and image frame quality, such as DVR (Digital Video Recorder), frame grabber instrument and high performance video capture, mix, duplication, encoding and streaming server station.


High Performance PCI Express Bus Interface

The TBM-1420 is based on the high performance PCI-Express bus interface and offers four 32-bit / 33MHz PCI bus interfaces with an onboard PCI Express to PCI bridge. The PCI Express bus interface offers 250MB/s of data transfer bandwidth based on the serial type, full duplex interconnection, much more than 133MB/s of PCI bus interface. This feature can solve problem of data bandwidth between the video input and motherboard for the four channel of real time video input on multi-channel digital video recorder (DVR) application.


Easy-Upgradeable Traditional PCI-based Video Capture Controller

To make the upgrade easier, faster and smoothly, the TBM-1420 is integrated with four popular PCI-based video input controllers, the Conexant BT878A, supports Microsoft Windows, XPe, WinCE, Linux kernel 2.4 and 2.6, and most of popular embedded OS. With this feature, the system integrators can upgrade the DVR / video input systems from PCI to PCI Express class, with the same software based on the same traditional video capture controller. That is, the TBM-1420 can help the DVR, video input and frame grabber application to upgrade the data transfer performance with the same software, don't need to develop a new one.


Onboard Four Channel of Video Input with Real Time, D1 Resolution and True Color

The TBM-1420 supports four channel of video input with four onboard video capture controllers with four PCI bus interface from PCI Express to PCI bridge. Each channel of video input is designed by an independent video capture controller, and each controller is designed by an independent PCI bus. This feature makes the benefit of video input performance for the applications with multiple channel, real time, D1 resolution and 16M true color of video and frame image.

Embedded Tiny-Bus® Modular Expansion Solution

The Liantec Tiny-Bus® Modular Expansion Solution is an embedded, industrial, multiple bus interfaces, small form factor (SFF) and flexible modular expansion solution for the industrial x86-based computing platform applications. With the Tiny-Bus® solution, the TBM-1420 can be installed on the existed embedded motherboard (EmBoard) with Tiny-Bus® solution within the same form factor of a single motherboard.


Mini-ITX EmBoards Ready for TBM-1420 Tiny-Bus® Video Capture Module

The existed embedded motherboards (EmBoards) with PCI Express interface and Tiny-Bus® solution that support the TBM-1420 Tiny-Bus PCIe four channel video capture module includes Liantec ITX-6965, ITX-6945, ITX-6910 and ITX-6900 based on Intel Core 2 Duo, Core Duo, Core Solo, Pentium M and Celeron M CPU platforms as the list below.

> ITX-6965 Mini-ITX Intel GME965 Core2 Duo Express EmBoard with Tiny-Bus® Solution

> ITX-6945 Mini-ITX Intel 945GME Core2 Duo Express EmBoard with Tiny-Bus® Solution

> ITX-6910 Mini-ITX Intel 915GME Pentium M Express EmBoard with Tiny-Bus® Solution

> ITX-6900 Mini-ITX Intel 915GME Pentium M Express EmBoard with Tiny-Bus® Solution

For the further information about Liantec TBM-1420 Tiny-Bus® PCIe video capture module, please visit the website at


About Tiny-Bus® Modular Expansion Solution

The Tiny-Bus® Modular Expansion Solution features the multiple bus interface expansibility, shock and vibration proof, flexible modular expansion solution, space saving integration and quick, reliable and low cost customized ODM service with x16 PCI Express or AGP graphics, PCI Express and PCI bus interfaces on the 74.5 x 91.5 mm of daughterboard. With the Tiny-Bus® Modular Expansion Solution, the system integrators can build their niche computing system platforms with the special interface modules, or select the different CPU platform based on the same interface module to extend the product line easily, quickly and cost efficiently.


For the further information about Tiny-Bus solution, please visit the website at

About Liantec Systems Corporation

The Liantec Systems Corporation is major in the industrial small form factor PC-based embedded computing platform and solution with Tiny-Bus modular expansion solution. With the professional embedded low power EmBoard, thermal solution, rugged enclosure design and flexible modular configuration, Liantec provides the standard and customized platform solution to service the wide range of industrial embedded computing system solution providers.


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