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TBM-15DVP series

Tiny-Bus VIA DVP Video Extension Module

with VIA DVP-based LVDS, DVI, TV-out

Video Capture and Mini-PCI Socket

Tiny-Bus Modular Extension Solution

Key Features :

The TBM-15DVP is a Tiny-Bus® VIA DVP-based Extension module with the chipset built-in graphics core and the DVI transmitter / SDTV / HDTV encoder on the module, offers DVI, TV-out and mini-PCI interface for the small form factor (SFF) embedded x86-based computing applications.

  • VIA DVP-based DVI and NTSC / PAL AV / S-Video TV-out interface.

  • One mini-PCI type-III A/B socket.

  • Liantec embedded Tiny-Bus® Modular Extension Solution.

Liantec TBM-15DVP : Tiny-Bus VIA DVP-based Video and Mini-PCI Module

Liantec TBM-15DVP Tiny-Bus VIA DVP Video Extension Module

Photo Gallery

TBM-15DVP Sample Enquiry



General Specification

Tiny-Bus® Modular Extension Solution with VIA DVP and PCI interface.

Onboard VIA VT1632 DVI transmitter with 1600 x 1200 of resolution.

Onboard VIA VT1631 single / dual channel 18-/24-bit LVDS transmitter.

Onboard VIA VT1625 TV-out encoder with AV / S-Video TV-out.

Onboard Philips SAA7114/7115 video capture controller with NTSC / PAL mode.

Onboard Type-IIIA/B mini-PCI Extension interface.

Application Notice

  • DVI, TV-out, LVDS shared with one DVP. (can NOT be used at the same time.)

  • If DVI comes from motherboard (shared with onboard 1x18-bit LVDS), then the on-module DVP will be reserved to TV-out, 2nd LVDS or 2nd DVI.

  • Jumper selectable TV-out / video capture mode on AV / S-Video as :

    • if the AV channel is used by TV-out, then the S-Video channel can be setting as TV-out or video capture mode.

    • if S-Video channel is used by TV-out, then the AV channel can be setting as TV-out or video capture.

External / Internal Connector

External DVI connector.

External composite AV / S-Video TV-out connector.

Onboard Hirose DF13-40DP-1.25V LVDS connector

 Onboard 124-pin mini-PCI Type-III socket.


Mechanical Drawing

TBM-15DVP Mechanical Drawing


Compatible EmBoard


5.25" Drive-size VIA C7-Eden CX700M Multimedia EmBoard

with VGA, LVDS, TV-out, HD Audio, Gbit Ethernet, SATA, Mini-PCI Socket

and Tiny-Bus Modular Extension Solution


3.5" Drive-size VIA C7-Eden Multimedia EmBoard

with VGA, MPEG-2/4/WMV9 Accelerator, Ethernet, CompactFlash Socket

and Tiny-Bus Modular Extension Solution


Ordering Code


Tiny-Bus VIA DVP-based DVI, TV-out and Video Capture Module

with DVI, AV / S-Video TV-out, Video Capture and Mini-PCI Socket


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