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Tiny-Bus x16 PCIe MXM Extension Module

Support MXM Type-I/II/III/HE Graphics Module

NVIDIA MXM Rev 1.3/2.1A Compliant

with DVI, HDMI, TV-out, VGA Video Ports

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Tiny-Bus Modular Extension Solution

Key Features

The TBM-1620 Tiny-Bus® MXM module is based on the x16 PCI-Express NVIDIA MXM mobile graphics technology, and features the modular Extension solution for the industrial small form factor (SFF) embedded x86-based computing applications.

  • Embedded x16 PCI Express interface.

  • Easy-to-upgrade with NVIDIA standard MXM mobile graphics module on embedded platform.

  • Supports MXM Type-I/II/III/HE GPU modules with auxiliary power input.

  • Advanced x16 PCIe based mobile GPU with onboard video memory.

  • VGA, DVI, TV-out, HDMI interfaces.

  • Slim-type add-on graphics solution meets industrial 1U (1.75 inches) systems.

  • Liantec embedded Tiny-Bus® Modular Extension Solution.

Liantec TBM-1620 Tiny-Bus x16 PCI Express MXM 2.1 Type-I/II/III/HE Mobile Graphics Extension Module

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General Specification

Tiny-Bus® Modular Extension Solution with x16 PCI Express Graphics interface.

NVIDIA MXM (Mobile PCI-eXpress Module) technology.

NVIDIA MXM v.1.3 / 2.1A compliant. (Not v.3.0)

MXM Type-III/HE socket supports MXM Type-I/II/III/HE mobile graphics module.

External DVI and HDMI connectors.

Board-to-board connection for CVBS / S-Video TV-out interface with EmBoard.

Cable connection for VGA interface with EmBoard.

Application Notice

External DVI / HDMI port from MXM DVI_A and DVI_B channels. (Not DVI_C).

HDMI is shared with DVI port. (only one of DVI and HDMI actives at the same time)

External / Internal Connector

Onboard MXM-III/HE socket for MXM type-I/II/III/HE mobile graphics module.

External DVI connector (DVI-I with DVI and VGA signals).

External HDMI connector with video output only. (shared with DVI port)

Onboard CVBS / S-Video TV-out pin header (with TV-out connector on EmBoard)

Onboard VGA pin header (with VGA connector on EmBoard)

Onboard +12V DC auxiliary power input 4-pin floppy type wafer connector

Cable Kit

TBM-1620 module-to-Motherboard VGA cable.

Mechanical Drawing

Liantec TBM-1620 Tiny-Bus x16 PCIe MXM-I/II/III/HE Extension Module Mechanical Drawing

Compatible EmBoard




Mini-ITX Intel GM45 Penryn Core 2 Duo / Quad Mobile Express EmBoard

with GMA X4500 VGA, LVDS, TV-out, Audio, Gbit Ethernet, SATA-II

and Tiny-Bus Modular Extension Solution


Mini-ITX Intel GME965 Core 2 Duo Mobile Express EmBoard

with GMA X3100 VGA, LVDS, TV-out, HD Audio, Gbit Ethernet, SATA-II

and Tiny-Bus Modular Extension Solution


Mini-ITX Intel 945GME Core Mobile Express EmBoard

with GMA950 VGA, LVDS, TV-out, HD Audio, Gbit Ethernet, SATA-II

and Tiny-Bus Modular Extension Solution


Mini-ITX Intel Mobile Pentium M / Celeron M Express EmBoard

with GMA900 VGA, LVDS, HD Audio, Gbit Ethernet, SATA

and Tiny-Bus Modular Extension Solution

Recommended GPU Card









MXM 2.1 Type-A AMD-ATi Mobility RADEON E2400 GPU Card with AMD-ATi R600 Core at 600MHz and 64-bit 256MB GDDR3 Graphics Memory.

  • Native x16 PCI Express bus interface

  • ATI RADEON E2400 (based on R600 technology core) at 600MHz.

  • 64-bit 256MB GDDR3 on-module graphics memory at 700MHz.

  • Support one single-link DVI ports.

  • Support one single-link / dual-Link LVDS port.

  • Support 2 x 10-bit RGB DAC (RGB + RGB / YPbPr)

  • Support dual independent display with the configurations of CRT+DVI, CRT+LVDS, DVI+DVI, LVDS+DVI ports.

  • 5-year long-term support guaranty by AMD.

Ordering Code

Ordering Code



Tiny-Bus x16 PCIe MXM-III/HE Mobile Graphics Extension Module

Supports MXM 1.3/2.1 Type-I/II/III/HE Mobile Graphics Module

with DVI / HDMI, LVDS, VGA, TV Video Output Ports


Tiny-Bus x16 PCIe MXM AMD-ATi E2400 Graphics Module

with AMD-ATi Mobility RADEON E2400 256MB GDDR3 GPU Card

Supports DVI, SDTV, Y/Pb/Pr HDTV and VGA Video Output Ports

* AMD-ATi MXM Type-II E2400 GPU card is under 5-year long-term support guaranty by AMD.


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